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Kurt/Blaine ficlets.
caleb :: bitch i'm fab
The lovely people over at kurt_blaine had a weekend-long one sentence fic prompt-a-thon over the weekend, and I thought I'd follow in threepwillow's footsteps and post what-all I wrote, in case anyone missed something that really wanted to see.

Time Traveler's Wife!AU
"I knew you before you knew me. That's why I stopped in front of you in the hall in Dalton," Blaine said.

"What are we like where you come from? Are we even still together? Can we get married yet?" Kurt asked.

"I can't tell you. You'll just have to wait and see." Kurt blinked and Blaine was gone.

"I'll wait for you," Kurt said into thin air.

(AN: It's been at least three years since I read this book, but I think they have a similar conversation, right?)

Blaine's old school was in Sunnydale, California
"Uh, you dropped your...pointy piece of wood?" Wes said as Blaine scrambled to collect the contents of his overturned bag.

"Yeah, uh, that was--the way to protect yourself in California," Blaine said, stuffing it into his bag. "You guys don't do that here?"

"We have a zero-tolerance bullying policy, so there's really no need," Wes replied. "Want to join me for lunch?"

Frotting and santa hats
"Hey, Kurt, my mom told me to come down and tell you we're going to trim the tr--OH GOD!" Finn said as he saw Kurt and Blaine, frantically thrusting at each other and kissing.

Kurt broke away immediately and yelled at Finn's retreating figure - "Didn't you see the Santa hat on the door?!"

Kurt or Blaine embarrassed by their own erection
"I, uh...sorry," Blaine said, moving away from Kurt and getting off of his bed quickly.

"Wh-what?" Kurt replied, quickly getting up and moving towards him.

"I didn't mean for--that--to happen," Blaine said, gesturing at his pants.

"I'm really glad it did," Kurt grinned, backing Blaine against his closet and pressing his own erection against Blaine's.

Kurt/Blaine - phone sex, dirty talk
Kurt grabbed the box of Kleenex and cleaned himself up before returning Blaine's last text: "I'm going to need to ask for unlimited text messages if we keep this up."

B/K - double date with Finchel
"Do you want to just ride with us, you guys?" Blaine asked Finn and Rachel as they both put on their jackets. "It might be easier than trying to follow us."

"Follow you? We know how to get to Breadstix, Blaine," Rachel laughed. "We go there at least once a week."

"Actually, Rachel, Blaine found a really excellent sushi place just one city over we thought we'd try," Kurt explained.

"Sushi? Finn, did you know about this?" Rachel asked. "You know sushi is fish, right?"

"Yeah!" Finn said. "Blaine said he was going to teach me how to eat with chopsticks!"

Rachel looked at Kurt with raised eyebrows and a large grin. He just mouthed "You're welcome" in response.

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lol, mr. pointy.

thanks for reading! glad you liked!

lol I had read every single one of these. I feel like I lived on that meme on Sunday. It was fun!

i loved this meme so much i wanted to marry it...

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thanks so much! you're awesome! =D

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