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Brothers on a Sunday Afternoon (Finn, Kurt, mentions of Kurt/Blaine, PG-13)
caleb :: bitch i'm fab
Rating: PG-13 for mentions of sexy times.
Spoilers: None!
Notes: The sequel, Friends on a Sunday Afternoon, is here.
Summary: Kurt was not expecting this when Finn asked to go to the grocery store with him.

To Kurt
You're still coming back early tonight, right?

To Blaine
Yes, my dad said it might start snowing tonight. Why?

To Kurt
Brian is going to be out of town until tomorrow, his flight got canceled.

To Blaine
Oh, really? That's…interesting. =)


"Kurt, before you head back, do you think you could just get a few things at the store for me?" Carole asked, setting her over-stuffed bag onto the kitchen table and moving towards the laundry room to take off her scrubs.

"Sure, Carole. Rough shift?"

"Lots of family members in for a kid's surgery, then a three-car accident," Carole called back from the laundry room.

"I'm sorry," Kurt replied.

"Just part of the job. Here's my list," she replied. "Just get a pre-roasted chicken for dinner and one of those ready-made salads, okay? I can't imagine standing on my feet again for a few hours."

"Sure," Kurt smiled, grabbing the keys to the Navigator off the hook they kept by the garage door.

"Hey, where ya going?" Finn asked as he walked into the kitchen.

"I asked Kurt to go get a few things for dinner. I'm going to go lie down for a bit," Carole replied. "Just a long day, that's all." Carole said at her son's pained expression.

"Uh, okay," Finn said. "If you're sure…"

"I'm sure," Carole said. "Maybe you could go with Kurt and help get some groceries. I'm going to have to work late a few nights this week, so maybe a few things for dinner that Burt can eat."

"C'mon, I've got to get back to school soon," Kurt said and Finn followed him out to the car.


"Alright, Finn, what's next on your mom's list?" Kurt asked, wheeling their half-full cart down the breakfast aisle.

"Weight Watchers muffins," Finn replied. "Gross."

"Be nice," Kurt said, grabbing two boxes that he knew were Carole's favorite and depositing them into the cart.

"Sweet, candy aisle!" Finn said as they turned down the next lane.

"One kind, Finn. I don't want to tempt my dad with all your awful food," Kurt replied, wheeling the cart to the next aisle. "I'll leave you to…ponder." Kurt laughed at Finn's dazed look, staring at the options in front of him.

Kurt's phone buzzed in his pocket and he saw a text from Blaine.

To Kurt:
Maybe you could…get some condoms.

To Blaine:
??!! This is not a funny joke.

To Kurt:
Not a joke. Was going to get some today and surprise you, but Wes and David have me trapped in a study session.

To Blaine:
Uh. Ok.

To Kurt:
Is it okay? We don't… I thought you wanted to, and I want to. OMG, I'm sorry!

Kurt rested his arms on the cart and dropped his head. He did want to have sex with Blaine, and Blaine wanted to have sex with him, and they'd talked about it before, but this was just…so unexpected.

To Blaine:
What kind do I even get? Why aren't you here to help me?

To Kurt:
Can't you ask Finn?

To Blaine:
Finn isn't having sex.

To Kurt:
You sure?

To Blaine:
Ok, gross. Can you just go in the hall and call me?

To Kurt:
Only if you want your boyfriend to die. Wes is already giving me a major bitchface for texting.

"Kurt?" Finn bellowed, coming up the aisle behind him. "I decided on Jelly Bellies."

"Are you having sex?"

"Wh-what?" Finn asked, dropping the bag of jelly beans. "Who said I was having sex?"

"Just…are you? With Santana? Isn't she the one who broke up you and Rachel?"

"Man," Finn said, shaking his head. "No, I'm not… I'm not having sex with anyone, but especially not Santana."

"Oh," Kurt said, sighing and turn back to the condoms.

"Wh--oh," Finn said, realization dawning on him. "Wait, so you and Blaine are having sex? And I'm not?! Damn, that sucks."

"Keep your voice down!" Kurt hissed. "What if someone from my dad's shop hears you?"

Finn nods, then turns to survey Kurt's options. Kurt does the same, frowning.

"We're not having sex--yet," Kurt said, glancing at Finn. "We might. Soon. Very soon."

"Uh, that's, like, a big deal," Finn said. "When I slept with Santana--"

"Ew, Finn, no," Kurt replied. "I know it is. But I want to, he's not making me, all those cliches."

"Right," Finn said, nodding. "Good. I don't want to have to kick Blaine's ass."

"Thanks, Finn," Kurt said, nudging him. "Now, can you please be a good brother and help me figure out which ones to get?"

"I should call Puck," Finn said, reaching into his pocket.

I can just see that game of telephone starting.

"kurt needs what!?"

lol, thanks for commenting!

"I should call Puck".

Yeah that last line DEMANDS a sequal. Like right this second. Casue I needs Puck's opinion on this like Rachel needs applause.

haha, that seems to be the consensus. i'm...not sure where to go with this. (i've never written puck before!) but i might try.

thanks for reading and commenting!

Oh man. Calling Puck. I can hear the rumors flying around Lima now. I can just see this ending in a Rachel-broke-up-with-Finn-because-he's-sleeping-with-Kurt fiasco that gets back to Dalton and Blaine in a Kurt's-cheating-on-you-with-a-tall-freak-and-that's-why-he-goes-back-to-Lima-on-the-weekends fashion.
It's so glee.

This line made me laugh out loud:

"I should call Puck," Finn said, reaching into his pocket.

Because... oh no. What a nightmare. Poor Kurt. Nothing good can come of Puck getting involved. LOL.

especially since puck...GOT A GIRL PREGNANT, lol.


ha! because...everything i do is short? i'm so glad you liked it!

This was awesome.
Puck would know a thing or two, but the embarrasment!

thanks so much! glad you enjoyed it.

(Deleted comment)
Haha, looking forward to an awkward call to Puck and an even more embarrassing text to Blaine so he can ask his size. XD

well, in my world, he knows blaine's size. ;P

Oh gosh, this is brilliant. I can't wait for more! (hopefully?)

HA, brilliant? thank you so much! (also, maybe?)

Omg that last line about Finn calling Puck had me *bursting* out in laughter. Great fic. I enjoyed reading it a lot.

thanks so much! i really appreciate it!


That last line? PERFECTION!!!!

And I love Finn's reaction to the WW muffins and that he insists on getting jelly-beans. SOOOO very Finn.

And yes, this fic is just crying out for a part two!

this COMMENT is perfection. i love you!

Can I just say that what I loved the most was Finn basically announcing that he was getting jelly beans? For some reason, my brothers feel the need to do the same thing about everything in life. "I'm going outside!" "I bought mayo!" "I ate too much mayo, now I'm gonna go outside and be sick!"

...boys. *le sigh*

my whole family works that way, lol!

And before poor Kurt knows what hit him all of new directions end up at the store so they can all have their say!

very funny

ha! thanks for reading and commenting!

oh god this can only end in tears.

I look forward to more. :)

hahaha...i don't know if more is coming... but thanks for reading and commenting, nonetheless.

Would you possibly write a sequel with Puck?


<3333 When there's Finn and Carole in a Klaine fic!!!

i'm thinking about it! thanks for reading and commenting!

"I should call Puck," Finn said, reaching into his pocket.BWAH!

Perfect ending. :)

I need a follow up with that phone call....

getThis was Great! I hope Puck gets involved....

1) This is adorable, full stop.

2) THAT LAST LINE THO. That's like the best reaction ever.

Ohh by all that is divine and holy please write that phone call. If the timing in the show time-line is right Puck isn't getting any either.

i'm thinking about it! but thanks for reading and commenting!

This is great and I agree with everyone that this needs a sequel. Like now. Plz?

haha, maybe! thanks for reading!

last line made it perfect.

And I love how it makes sense for Finn to go to Puck for questions about condoms even though the boy gets girls pregnant whoops.

I would love to see a sequel too.

yeah, finn's not really a rocket scientist, and neither is puck - that's why it's so effing funny!

...Oh my god, I need a sequel of this. Just... need.

I'm giggling kind of maniacally right now ngl. This is adorable.

as soon as i read "i should call Puck" all i could think of was oh god now all of Glee will know Kurt and Blaine are having sex, oh god Mercedes will be pissed if she hears about it second had first!

thanks! glad you liked it!


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