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Lovers' Lane (Glee, Blaine/Kurt, R)
caleb :: bitch i'm fab
Title: Lovers' Lane
Rating: R
Notes: Inspired by an anon prompt for STORYTIME! at kurt_blaine that wanted some foggy car windows.
Summary: Dinner and a movie isn't all Kurt has planned for date night.


"So, what did you think of the movie?" Kurt asked Blaine as they turned down the main street in Westerville.

"I think that Mila Kunis is one crazy bitch," Blaine said, laughing.

"Really?" Kurt replied. "You didn't find it at all...interesting?" Kurt grinned as he slid his hands across the console and dragging them high up on Blaine's thigh.

Blaine's grip on the steering wheel tightened and Kurt chuckled, grazing the front of Blaine's pants, causing him to suck in air and snap his head towards Kurt.

"Trying to, uh, start something?" He asked as Kurt continued to ghost his hand over Blaine's fly.

"I think we have enough time until curfew, don't you?" Kurt asked, cocking his head.

"Fuck yes we do," Blaine said, quickly getting into the turn lane and speeding to the lush, uninhabited forest that sits on the edge of Dalton's campus.

Blaine plugged in his iPod and both boys made quick work of getting into Blaine's spacious backseat. Kurt was on top of Blaine within seconds, kissing along the v-neck of his boyfriend's sweater while Blaine pressed up and against him, their cocks aching for one another.

"God, I've been waiting since the appetizers at Breadstix to get you alone," Kurt mumbled into Blaine's shoulder, stretching his sweater for better access to his skin.

"We could have just, ooh, skipped the movie," Blaine replied as Kurt tugged at the hem of his sweater, getting up and over his head masterfully.

"I know you really wanted to see it, baby," Kurt said, unbuckling Blaine's belt and slipping his hand down the front of his pants, barely touching Blaine's cock through the fabric. Blaine groans and pushes against Kurt's hand.

"Kurt, fuck, you're such a tease," Blaine mutters as Kurt works his way inside Blaine's boxers and begins to stroke him in earnest.

"Hey, be nice!" Kurt replied, aggressively twisting his hand around the top of Blaine's cock, causing the boy to throw back his head and moan.

"Kurt, uh, Kurt," Blaine said, insistently. "I'm going to, God--"

Kurt removed his hand quickly and bent down to kiss Blaine while working his own jeans open and pushing down his underwear.

"Wait for me," Kurt whispered hotly into Blaine's ear, pushing the boy's boxers down and pressing their cocks together, wrapping both their hands around them and pumping them, faster, faster, until he hears Blaine's breath hitch and he's coming all over the boy and Blaine's all over him, panting heavy.

"How was the movie, guys?" Blaine's roommate asks as Kurt deposits his boyfriend at his room minutes before curfew.

"Good," Kurt replied.

"Really good," Blaine said, bumping Kurt with his shoulder and smiling at him.

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Black Swan? I really wanna see that. Seems like the boys certainly enjoyed it. ;D

haha, thanks for reading and commenting!

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