i wear my heart on my sleeve...

...and my opinions on the tip of my tongue

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Wish list!
caleb :: bitch i'm fab
Amazon gift card
Bath and Body Works gift card
iTunes gift card
The Muppets OPI holiday nail polish – Excuse Moi!, Gone Gonzo, Divine Swine, Fresh Frog of Bel-Air, Gettin’ Miss Piggy with It,
Any book by Chelsea Handler, I have none.
Klaine college fic, not at same school
Scattergories board game
Taylor Swift’s Speak Now - World Tour Live CD-DVD
Taylor Swift’s Journey to Fearless DVD
Chunky gray scarf, store bought or home made!
Mini lip gloss set
Lip gloss duos
Wire letters – “L” for Lauren
Taylor Swift “Mine” shirt, XXL
Taylor Swift lyrics shirt, XXL
Reading is Sexy shirt, XXL
Reading is Sexy tote
Silver bow earrings
Kindle cover
Taylor Swift greeting card box set


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